39 videos within four days
Artists’ Visions of the Far

Marika Borgeson, Maria Adromachi Chatzinikolaou, Angela Christlieb, Andres Denegri, Ingo Dünnebier, Thomas Eller, Matthias Fitz, Yiorgos Gyparakis, Constantin Hartenstein, Abraham Hurtado, Kostas Ioannidis, Jack + Leigh Ruby, Fotini Kariotaki, Fabian Knecht, Bryan Konefsky, Wago Kreider, Simon Lee + Algis Kizys, Sabine Linse, Sylvie Marchand, Matthias Mayer, Marisa Maza, Angelika Middendorf, Ioanna Myrka, Christian Niccoli, Nikos Podias, Artemis Potamianou, Sebastian Purfürst, Ioannis Savvidis + Lina Theodorou, Pola Sieverding, Tobias Sjöberg, Nelja Stump, Vassiliea Stylianidou, Lena Szankay + Eva Shin, Chryssa Tsampazi, The Torso, Thomas Völker, Eva Vuillemin, Lisa Wassmann, Jeff Wood.

Organized by Tristesse Deluxe – Nomadic Platform
Ioannis Savvidis, Lina Theodorou, Nelja Stump

26.06.2014 – 29.06.2014
OFF Raum, Bauernmarkt 24, A-1010 Vienna

Opening at 26.06.2014 
Starts at 7pm
with a live act (music performance) “A Journey to the the End of the Night” by Christan Wirlitsch.
Screening will follow.

Additional screening days:

Friday 27.6.  7pm – 11 pm,
Saturday 28.6.  2pm – 11pm
Sunday 29.6.  2pm – 11pm



..in this way, every artist appears to be a citizen of an unknown fatherland,

of which his memory has faded…….. M. Proust

The artistic theme of the exhibition series Nomadics is based on the evolution of locality. It focuses on the dynamics of wandering as a junction between new places and old networks: The borders between real and virtual space, the interdependency between existing and constructed world, physical and psychological experience, the visible and the invisible.Tristesse Deluxe is going for a wander. The first exhibition out of Berlin will take place at OFF Space, Vienna.

“The Other Where” is the fifth event in the Nomadics Exhibition series. The artistic challenge is to capture artistic visions of distance within moving image.
Artists are today’s nomads: anxious, constantly leaving, arriving. This way of life is partly chosen out of personal freedom and curiosity, partly dominated through the circumstances of their work – the artists themselves being always driven by changes in their own personality and their evolving perception of the outside.
Is it the human longing for “more” behind our material existence or the craving for a world promising fulfillment that man cannot and doesn’t want to experience on a physical level? We are searching for these terms in image and language, looking to unlock new shapes and levels of reality.
We will present a four-day screening program with four daily compilations in repeating mode.
A live performance, video installations and additional flat screens (where works can be viewed individually) will frame the screenings.

Ioannis Savvidis, Nelja Stump, Lina Theodorou. 

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