Artists / Works

Marika Borgeson


Title: Eleven Forty Seven, 2012, 11:47 min., color, sound, HD video.

About the work
Granite, metal, conifers, glass, and K-spar crystals.
Previous Screenings: Chicago Underground Film Festival (USA, 2013), Experiments in Cinema v8.53 (USA,2013), Milwaukee Underground Film Festival (USA, 2013), Media City Film Festival (USA, 2013), Seoul International Experimental Film Festival (KOR, 2013), WNDX Festival of Moving Image (USA, 2013)

Fascinated by the fluidity and mythology of human histories, Marika frequents historic sites, local museums, and tourist traps.
Most recently her moving image work has been exhibited at Anthology Film Archives in New York (USA), the Ann Arbor Film Festival (USA), Views from the Avant-Garde at the New York Film Festival (USA), and the Media City Film Festival in Windsor (CAN).
Marika holds an MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts from Duke University. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Maria Adromachi Chatzinikolaou


Title: Life Nibbles in Limbo, 2014, 3:15 min., color, sound, HD video.

Little pieces of life, captured in images they inspired, linger in the expanse between memory and oblivion. Little pieces of life, inspired by images into the mind of the beholder, linger in the neighbouring expanse between oblivion and fantasy. They feed on the moment and they feed the moment, as substantial constituents of what gave them substance.

Born in Volos, Greece. Athens School of Fine Arts (2004).
Work: mainly in situ installations in locations of historic or other interest. Emphasis on integration of the artwork into the location and promotion of the location’s identity and essence. Favoured media: lighting techniques, sound/video and motion. Also (recently) automation (Physical Computing) to enhance presentation and/or interactivity.
In the past three years she has organised (concept, curation) group projects inviting other artists to promote two significant but widely unknown monumental sites, a Sanatorium (tuberculosis treatment) in Pelion (GR), and a WW2 German command bunker on Milos island (GR).

Angela Christlieb


Title: Welcome to Peking, 2014, 5:00 min., color, sound, HD video.

Berlin Superhero (BS) appears in a city he’s never been before. At first sight he thinks he’s in Peking. Speaking his mother tongue (German), he tries to get oriented while talking to people on the street. But nobody understands a word, even after synching every line into Chinese. His disorientation grows..
Welcome to Peking! Three simple ways how to get disoriented.

Lives and works in Vienna.
Studied Video Art and Experimental Filmmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts of Berlin under Valie Export and Heinz Emigholz. In 1997, she moved to New York with an emerging artist grant and began working as an independent filmmaker, producing several shorts. Followed by freelance work as theater manager and research assistant for Anthology Film Archives (USA) and Filmmakers Coop New York (USA).
In 1999 she received a DAAD Grant to study film production at the New School and to write and produce her first feature documentary CINEMANIA. Since 2001 she has collaborated with Eve Sussman & the Rufus Corporation (NYC), including The Rape of Sabine Women and whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir. In 2007 she worked as visual artist for Christoph Schlingensief’s African Twintowers. 2009 premiere of her second feature documentary Urville. Since 2010, screenplay development of Electric Girl and Whatever Happened to Gelitin. Her new feature documentary Naked Opera was premiered at Berlinale (DE) 2013 and won the first Heiner Carow Award.

Andres Denegri


Title: Uyuni, 2005, 8:18 min., color, sound, DV.

She wants to leave. He feels safe there. The barren landscape of the
Bolivian town of Uyuni is cut by a transmission of Peruvian radio. The
tense situation of Latin America reality is reflected in the violence
of the wind and makes an ambiguous contrast with the intimate dialogue
of the couple. Made with Super 8mm film and Hi-8 video, the image’s
texture talks about diverse feeling from the same view.

Denergi is an artist who works mostly on film, TV and video, making
single channel productions as well as installations. He is graduated
from Universidad del Cine, where he now works as professor. He also
teaches at UNTREF where he created Continente, a center devoted to the
research and diffusion of audio-visual arts. His work have been
featured at numerous exhibitions and festivals worldwide, where he has achieved
significant recognitions. He also is director of BIM (Bienal de la
Imagen en Movimiento, ARG) and curator of film a video at the Museum of
Modern Art of Buenos Aires (ARG).

Ingo Dünnebier


Title: Swan (Part V), 2014, 4:22 min., color, sound, HD video.

Stay a little more. Slow down and let yourself engage in it. Say nothing, the wind is louder anyway. Watch and wait. Patience! I want to get into it, I stay and keep this fellow company. It was always the two of them, now he’s alone, since a few days, people say. I stay until it gets dark. “Self-forgetfulness is abandonment of ideology, identity and the entering into the relation. This is an unio mystica, a mystical union without the mystical nonsense that is associated with it. We live really only when we are self-forgotten, not because we are self-conscious.” (Vilém Flusser)

Born in Jena, Germany. Studied photography and audiovisual media at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. In 1987 he moves to Thessaloniki. Since 1994 he has been recording contemporary landscape and everyday incidents, as well as producing conceptual thematic works using different photographic forms and methods of operation. He has had solo exhibitions in Thessaloniki and participated in a number of group shows in Greece and abroad. His works are included in the collections of the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (GR),  Museum of Photography Thessaloniki (GR), the State Museum of Contemporary Art (GR) as well as private collections.

Thomas Eller


Title: Ten Thousand Waves, 2014, 7:14 min., color, sound, HD video.

Shot on Lampedusa in 2014 on the beach infamous for its migrant traffic, Eller lives the plight of so many who wash up on that shore. Eternally looping at the cusp of life and death, this work leaves the viewer feeling oddly complicit in one man’s surreal struggle. Yet while one white man submerged in a suit is surreal, thousands of African migrants are our reality. Like Isaac Julien’s 2010 work Ten Thousand Waves, on the deaths of Chinese migrant cockle-pickers on the shores of the UK, Eller in his own language tackles the watery deaths of migrant workers as a sadly universal suffering, devoid of markers of place or time. [Text by Rachel Rits-Volloch]

Thomas Eller is an artist and curator. He lives in Berlin and New York.
From 1990 until today he has been exhibiting extensively in galleries and museums in Europe, Asia and the Americas. He is recipient of the Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Prize (DE), 1996; Villa Romana Prize, Florence (IT), 2000; Art Omi International Arts Center, NY, 2002 (USA); and Käthe-Kollwitz-Prize, Akademie der Künste Berlin,(DE) 2006.
In 2004 he founded the online art magazine and served as editior-in-chief from 2004 to 2008. From 2008 to 2009 he was executive and artistic director of Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin. (DE) The White Male Complex is the working title of a series of artworks and exhibition projects he has been working on since 2011. Currently he is presenting an exhibition project with 23 Beijing based artists, The 8 of paths, in Berlin (DE).

Matthias Fitz


Title:[commercial wallpapers], 2010.
[commercial wallpaper] silence, 1:11 min., Video HD
[commercial wallpaper] bauernmild, 0:43 min., Video HD.
[commercial wallpaper] hit swish whoosh, 0:35 min., Video HD

[commercial wallpaper] explores the information flows and forms of electronic entertainment and communication media. These flows are used as raw material, removed from their context and deterministic systems to use for alternative systems and interpretations.
The material begins as a television commercial. From the original image, a pixel is selected in each case on a horizontal line that is vertically extended so far that a vertical stripe is formed. The sound is unchanged from the original clip.
[commercial wallpaper] silence is the collected silence of 148 minutes of television.
[commercial wallpaper] bauernmild is an unedited commercial for rye bread (bauernmildes Roggenbrot’)
[commercial wallpaper] hit swish whoosh gathers the sequences of the most high-pitched audio amplitudes of 35 commercials.

Matthias Fitz was born in Bad Steben, Germany. In 1987 he completed training as an electronics technician. In 1988 he moved to West-Berlin. Starting in 1995 he studied Visual Communication and Experimental Media Art at the University of Arts, Berlin. In 2003 he got the title “Meisterschüler” from Prof. Maria Vedder.
Since 1997 his video and sound installations, single-channel video works and photography have been shown at international festivals and exhibitions where he has received various art grants and prizes.

THE torso (Erich Goldmann, Michael Strohmann, Momo Subotic)


Title: The Belgrade Loop, Installation (photography, video, objects, sound)

About the work
The Belgrade Loop is a photo and sound installation. The push of a button moves a carousel of images which stops at an armitary point. Every image is syncronized with a unique audio recording. The photos, interviews ans sounds of this project where all recorded at the same time. Fragments of sounds, interviews and not hoped for moments close this never ending and beginning moebius loop. Out of a seemingly random conglomeration of “sound images” a controversial, poetic and intense portrait of Belgrade emerges.

Goldmann, Strohmann and Subotic are THE torso. Since 2009 THE torso creates projects at the intersection of film, performance, music, sound-art and installation. They confront the audience with funny, bizarre or dark stories of a city. Our collaboration of performer, musicians and filmmaker opens a wide field of experiments in communication and creates a intense, direct approach on the visitor.

Erich Goldmann is an artist working at the intersection of installation, film, photography and performance. With very few exceptions, he collaborates as the exclusive photographer for SIGNA.
Michael Strohmann is member of Fuckhead and Toxic Dreams. Diverse projects in music, performance, theater and installation. Among others he participated at the Diagonale for Innovative Cinema (AT) 2004
Momo Subotic lives and works in Kopenhagen as a performer, video artist and photographer. He performed with SIGNA in 57 Beds, Die Hades Fraktur, Salo and others.

Yiorgos Gyparakis


Title: Luna deducere, 2003, 1:34 min., color, sound, DV PAL.

Pure desire attributes magical, supernatural powers to the soul of an innocent girl. The nocturnal scene depicts the repetitive game of a young girl by the seashore that brings the moon down to earth and plays.The title is borrowed by the Odes of Horace.

Giorgos Gyparakis was born in 1962 in Athens where he lives and works. He studied sculpture at the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki and graphic design at the School of Applied Arts, Vakalo. He completed his post-graduate studies at the School of Fine Arts in Athens. He is Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens (GR). He has participated in many theatrical and musical productions. He has presented his work in six solo exhibitions and in numerous group shows in Greece and abroad. His work is found in many public and private collections.

Constantin Hartenstein


Title: Keystone, 2012, 4:00 min., color, sound, HD video.

Keystone depicts the connections between touristic performance, the prominent appearance of a landmark that cannot escape the urgent need to be photographed, and the fictionalized symbolism of national sights. Installed as a reference to touristic behaviour, the work establishes a correspondance between the act of image-taking and the photographed object itself. Is the process of taking a picture worth more than the actual experience?

Constantin Hartenstein is a video and installation artist from Berlin, Germany based in New York. He holds two M.F.A. degrees with honors from UdK Berlin and HBK Braunschweig (GER). Hartenstein participated in several artist-in-residency programs such as Triangle Arts Association, New York (USA), Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana (USA), Flux Factory, New York (USA) and Künstlerdorf Schöppingen (GER). He has been the recipient of numerous prizes and grants, including the Kraft Prize for New Media (USA), IFA Künstlerkontakte project grant (GER/CN), Kunststiftung NRW (GER) and the Karl Hofer Gesellschaft studio grant (GER). In 2012, he was selected to participate in the “VISIO emerging video artists“ workshop in Florence, Italy. His works have been shown internationally, such as the Museum of the Moving Image New York (USA), German Consulate New York (USA), Transmediale Berlin (GER), Goethe Institute New York (USA), Bundeskunsthalle Bonn (DE), and WRO Media Art Biennale (PL).

Abraham Hurtado


Title: Discontents, 2014, 2:07 min., sound, HD video.

Discontents is an extracted video from the Project FAKEless App, a distinctive way to approach the architectural reality of the Murcia Region in south Spain. Most of the construction sites and buildings appears like a plague given to the local community as “The promise land”. This is the consequence of the “boom/ speculation” that happened there up until 2008. The surrounding landscape of this area is domintaed by buildings, golf resorts and residential houses unfinished because of the economic crisis. Now it appears as ghost cities or monuments in the middle of the arid and devastated landscapes. Through this journey the emotional body becomes the contrast to the surrounding utopia.This journey was made with the intention of sharing a perception of isolation, individuality, abandoned places, fears, and death – and a perception of how to deal with these emotions in modern society.

Performer/choreographer/visual artist from Murcia who lived in Berlin from 2005-2014. He has collaborated with numerous visual artists and dance and theatre companies in Spain and internationally. Together with other Berliners he runs the AADK art platform and network, a curatorial project with members and invited artists pursuing activities in the fields of performance, installation, music, literature, video art etc. The art they produce is specific to each member but the configuration and strategies they adopt for their presentations are developed in common with the invited artists. Since 2012 he is the Artistic Director of Centro Negra, space for research and contemporary creation in Blanca, Murcia,(ES).

Kostas Ioannidis


Title: 5 2 0, 2008, 7:14 min.,animation, color, sound, HD video.

In the next five minutes a whole world is about to disintegrate. Five figures are experiencing the last moments of their existence. There is neither an interaction among them nor a plot to connect them, they only share the same nightmarish destiny. While a TV spokesman is doing his best to explain the situation, someone that looks responsible for the imminent catastrophe is making a serious attempt to escape, only to find himself in the most bizarre ending of all. Panic has captured the wealthy while making an effort to save a valuable possession, when an innocent girl is avoiding reality sadly. Alas, there is no way out of the inevitable. One wonders: who is the little person that sits on top of the black snail in the middle of a burning forest?

Kostas Ioannidis was born in Athens in 1962. He studied painting and printmaking at the Fine Art School of Athens. He received an MFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York. His work has been presented in the context of art exhibitions such as Expanded Ecologies Perspectives in a Time of Emergency, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (GR) 2009; ABC with love… (too cool for school), Art Metropole, Ontario (CAN) 2008; Common View, National Theatre, Athens (GR) 2007. Chanel Zero, Netherlands Media Art Institute (NL); Montevideo, Amsterdam (NL) 2004. Metro, DESTE Foundation, Athens (GR) 1999, as well as in Public spaces like the works The Only Way, at central aeries of Athens 2005; Blue Hour at the Van Maanenstraat public swimming pool, Rotterdam (NL) 2001; White Season at Andrianou street, Athens (GR) and The Ears of Paleopolis at the island of Andros (GR)1992.

Jack + Leigh Ruby


Title: Car Wash Incident – Take 7, 2013, 6:00 min., sound , color, HD video.

CWI – Take 7, is a single uncut take from the larger Car Wash Incident installation.
Inspired by a photograph Jack+Leigh Ruby made at a car wash in 1975 – in support of an
insurance scam – the siblings’ film enacts a circular narrative, involving a plastic bag, a mother, her son and a woman in a red shirt, trailed by an ominous man, all of which is confounded by doppelgängers.

Jack + Leigh Ruby spent their early career as confidence artists in America and Australia from
the ‘70s to the ‘90s. They specialized in facilitating insurance fraud, fabricating sophisticated
portfolios of false evidence, often including film and video surveillance footage. Ultimately they
were arrested in 1998 for a scam in which they robbed their own house, and were incarcerated
for more than a decade, during which they developed an interest in contemporary art.
Subsequently they came to re-evaluate their early work with a new aesthetic appreciation and
resolved to re-invent the most intriguing of their films and photographs from the 70s and 80s. In preparing for their prison release date in 2012 the Rubys set about planning Car Wash Incident,
the first of the series.

Fotini Kariotaki


Title: NYN (Now), 2014, 4:39 min., color, sound, HD video.

It is that kind of time that seems not to include a before and an after. Α “gap” which is necessary
in order to make the next step. A sort of conscious abandonment of the common sense of time.
Only the movement of the sea and our contact with it through the pebbles defines the flow of
time. Then we might sense the ‘real’ time for a while. We miss the moment as soon as
something else interferes -in any way- with this relationship. Immediately afterwards, we are in
the position to take a next step.

Born in Chania, Crete (GR). She studied painting in the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence (1983-84) and the Academy of Fine Arts Brera in Milan (1984-88).
Since 1989 she had seven solo shows in Thessaloniki and Athens (GR) and she participated in a large number of group shows in Greece and abroad. In 2002 she has received the Fulbright Artist Grant (USA) and she participated in the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York (USA).

Fabian Knecht


Title: Entfernung, 2014, 6:00 min., color, sound, HD video.

All over China new high-rises arise without consideration of the old houses that are often demolished in the process. In many places the traditional and social Chinese life (Hutong-life) is being destroyed. This gentrification stops for no one. The only chance Knecht saw “to take the power back” was to destroy an old Chinese house himself as a symbolic critique. While he was deconstructing the old Chinese house he let the workers, who would normally dismantle it, film the process. Thus he exchanged the role of artist and worker.

Born in 1980, artist Fabian Knecht has been living and working in Berlin for over a decade. He studied Fine Arts at the University of Arts Berlin, the California Institute of the Arts, and the Ale School of Fine Arts, Addis Ababa, (ETH). Since 2009 Knecht has been a participant in Olafur Eliasson’s Institut für Raumexperimente (DE). In 2012, Knecht was working for video and performance artist Matthew Barney in New York (USA). Fabian Knecht’s interventions play with the difficult to define line marking where supposedly quotidian things are turned toward their darker underside. They owe their power to a mix of rawness and poetic density, swaying between an aggressive finality and a melancholic depth. Knecht’s hope is that art also represents a means of breaking power and authority, that art can take paths beyond convention.

Bryan Konefsky


Title: You Are Here, 2003, 7:00 min., 2003, sound, color, DV PAL.

Here, I am memorializing a prank/street action that was executed in direct response to a very stupid comment made by actor Paul Newman about Bridgeport, Connecticut (my hometown) in 1983.
You Are Here has been screened at the Dallas Video Festival, the Ann Arbor Film, the BIM Festival in Buenos Aires, Anthology Film Archives in NYC (USA), the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg, (RU), Videoex Festival (SUI) and the Anti-Matter Festival (CAN).

Bryan Konefsky is a self-taught media artist and cultural worker. He is the director of Experiments in Cinema (USA) and the president of Basement Films. Konefskyʼs creative work has been supported by the NEA and NEH, The Trust For Mutual Understanding and the Banff Centre for the Arts (CAN) . Konefsky has screened his films internationally and lectured about experimental cinema in Russia, Korea, Germany and Argentina.

Wago Kreider


Title: Vienna in the Desert, 2005, 5:00 min., color, sound, DV PAL.

Memories of a lost passion are glimpsed in a deserted landscape. A man and a woman argue about their love for one another: Is it true? Did it really happen? The vast sea of their desire responds, and catastrophe is redeemed. Audio quotations are appropriated from Nicholas Ray’s Johnny Guitar.

Wago Kreider is a media artist whose work investigates the legacy of classical Hollywood film history, and its relation to issues of place, landscape, and authorship. Through films, videos, installations, and live media performance, he engages with contemporary strategies of re-enactment, the reconstruction of cinematic history, and the intersections of personal autobiography with film. His work has screened at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (USA), the Rotterdam Film Festival (NL), the London Film Festival (UK), the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. (USA), Views From the Avant-Garde/New York Film Festival (USA), and at the Vienna International Film Festival (AT). He is Associate Professor of Media Arts at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Simon Lee / Algis Kizys


Title: Where is the black Beast, 2010, 8:13 min., color, sound, HD video.

Where is the Black Beast? is a 34 minute film based on CROW – The Life and Songs of the Crow by the poet Ted Hughes.
Where is the Black Beast? begins with Lineage, a poem that abridges The Book of Genesis into 21 lines and from which the protagonist Crow emerges.
A journey begins that takes us from Oedipus’ familial catastrophe to Crow’s mad battle with the sun. Deaf to all but his own cries of importance the film finally returns Crow to his roots —
Trembling featherless elbows in the nest’s filth

Simon Lee works in photography, video and installation making exhibitions and participating in residencies internationally. Lee’s most recent project Mother is Passing. Come at Once, a multi-screen, kinetic installation was on view at Cristin Teirney Gallery in NYC in 2013. He has shown work at the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montreal, the Tinguely Museum in Basel, the Rotterdam Film Festival, the Moscow International Film Festival and the Posnan Bienale, Poland. His public arts project, Bus Obscura premiered at Miami Basel (USA) in 2004 and has since toured to over ten cites around the world. His series of photographs Shadow over the Land has been presented in exhibitions in Moscow (RU), Copenhagen (DK) and London (UK).

Algis Kizys is sound artist//composer/musician/director residing in Brooklyn, NY. He has performed with bands such as Swans, Foetus, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Lydia Lunch/Retrovirus, Glenn Branca, Of Cabbages And Kings, Pigface, a short wave radio duet The Hallicrafters, as well as with musicians Nels Cline, Carla Bozulich, Alex Hacke, Jim White, Jim Sclavunos. He has worked with visual artists such as Eve Sussman, Simon Lee, and Matthew Barney with Jonathan Bepler. His film credits include Gus Van Sant’s Finding Forrester , Eve Sussman’s The Rape of the Sabine Women and whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir, David Jacobson’s Tomorrow You’re Gone, and Matthew Barney/Jonathan Bepler’s River of Fundament. He has directed, for stage, Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape and Eugene O’Neill’s Hughie at the Wallabout Oyster Theatre, Brooklyn (USA). He is currently involved in a Bouzouki trio and the installation collective The Triangles.

Sabine Linse


Title: llusions and Deceptions III: Garden Party,
2009, 3min, color, sound, DV PAL.

The photographs and videos of the series Illusions and Deceptions show different groups of people in the enclosures and cages of the Neumünster Zoo.
In the video Garden Party three nurses move slowly in an aviary of ibises and eurasian spoonbills. The eurasian spoonbills begin imitating one of the nurses and keep on following her.

Sabine Linse is a Berlin-based artist. She studied philosophy, cultural anthropology and fine arts in Düsseldorf, Berlin and Barcelona.
Her work is influenced by her philosophical interests. Each project is accompanied by drawings and photographs. She often works with slightly absurd situatons involving a duplicitously comical and eerie character.
Sabine Linse received several grants and scholarships. She took part in international solo and group shows, e.g. in the Museum of Photography, Braunschweig (DE), PROGR_Center for Cultural Practice, Bern (SUI); TinT Gallery, Thessaloniki (GR); Friedman Gallery, Berlin (DE); Markus Richter Gallery; Potsdam (DE), Wendy Cooper Gallery, Chicago (USA); Umtrieb Gallery, Kiel (DE); Ucity Art Museum of Gafa, Guangzhou (CN) and MAMA Showroom, Rotterdam (NL).

Silvie Marchand


Title: Arizona Skin, 2009, 6:30 min., sound, color, DV.

This video shows our walking experience with migrants towards unlikely destinations in the sometimes terrible beauty of the desert of Arizona between Sasabe and Arivaca.
The film as part of the the installation AmeXica sKin, evoke the crossing of border by trails drawn in this huge arid space made of furrow, rocks, undergrowth, maquis and “Washes”
During the XX ° century, US politicians advocated the idea of «holding border» against immigrants. The USA have been financing the building of one (supposedly) solid virtual wall, a kind of ‘laboratory ‘ intended to force back the «illegal aliens» :a wall in concrete and steel, reinforced by ruffled towers of cameras, lamps with arch, spectacles and infrared cameras, detectors of warmth, movement sensors, beams laser, drones.. And cyclically, « minute men » (group of «autodéfence«, anti-immigration nationalists) reporting the slightest silhouette picked up by their webcams via the Internet.

Through digital new media art works (video interactive installations, sound walks, web performances), Sylvie Marchand, a french video artist trained both as a circus artist and as an anthropologist, tackles the issue of cultural mobility in our contemporary world.
As an author and art director, she coordinates the production and diffusion of the Gigacircus Media Arts Group s’ works.
She is a tenure scholar at the E.E.S.I. (European School for Visual Arts ) where she is in charge of l’Atelier de Recherche et de Création “E.I.D.I”.She has been giving birth to a great number of international network projects.

Matthias Mayer


Title: Hendek Hendek Atladim, 2010, 3:00 min., sound, color, DV Pal.

In the series Speed of cars Matthias Mayer aka Mo Magic films radio controled cars, that he had fabricated out of foam, vinyl and electronic drives from toy cars, in urban surroundings. He films them among the ongoing traffic and from a perspective that renders them the same size as real cars. Through their flashy appearance and the rapidly changing film scenes, underlayed with groovy music they behave as anarchist characters from a cartoon. While they get part of the urban reality they raise questions in the context and interaction of society and environment. To underline this issue Mayer shoots at specially selected locations.
„Hendek Hendek Atladim“ is number 9 in the series and resulted as part of an artist exchange project between the city districts Cihangir in Istanbul (TR) and Berlin-Mitte (DE).

Matthias Mayer is an artist, curator and exhibition maker since 1991. His artistic work includes painting, sculpture, installation, video, performance and photography. He recently founded the music project Sporty Jesus together with Jens Christian Madsen. A common approach of his works is a questioning of social rules and conditions in the context of popular culture. Since 2003 he has been running the project space “Spor Klübü” in Berlin (DE). Matthias Mayer has worked and exhibited internationally, He was a resident in the ISCP in New York (USA, 1996/1997), winner of a competition from the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg (RU,1995) and participated at a project by the Zendai Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai (CN,2008) to name a few of his activities. He received funding from the Berlin Senate Chancellery and different institutions and foundations.

Marisa Maza


Title: training_sculpture #1 – Diving. 2:24 min., training_sculpture #2 – Gymnastics: 2:29 min., 2008, color, Video HD

training_sculpture #1 (diving) deals with the relationship between space, gender and body, in the context of sports. Maza presents work, developed with female athletes of the University of Florida, USA in 2008, against the backdrop of the Olympics.
The video works show a scenery far from the common media coverage that usually just show the end result of a long process of exercise. The artist instead focuses on the trainig situation in order to reveal the imperfections, the endless repetition, the physical work that precede the contest situation.
training_sculpture #2 (gymnastics) deals like training_sculpture #1 with the relationship between space, gender and body, in the context of sports.
The video demonstrate how the space of a training hall is defined by the movements of the athletes’ bodies: Space is treated here as being static, like a “visial sculpture”

Marisa Maza a Berlin based artist has been shown in national an international group and solo shows e.g. the Museo de la Pasion de Valladolid (ES); [museum]Burgos, (ES); Museo Patio de la Infanta, Zaragosa (ES), Gallery Raquel Ponce, Madrid (ES); Museo de Arte 2 de mayo (CA2M), Madrid (ES); Artium Art Contemporary Museum, Vitoria (ES), Museo Koldo Michelena, Bsaque Country (ES); Art Fair ARCO/Paddle 8, Madrid (ES), Museum Bahnitz, Brandenburg (DE); Istanbul-Cultural Capital of Europe, (TR); Museum Istanbul Modern (TR); Gallery Mahrabia, Cairo (EGY); Harn Museum, Florida (USA): Centre d’art Passerelle, Brest (FR); Centro de Cultura Espanol in Maiami (USA); Kunsthalle Nuernberg (DE), Transmeiale Berlin (DE); National Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow (RU), Gallery Plattform, berlin (DE), 1. International Video Exhibition/Museo David J. Guzman, El Salvador (ELS),Gallery Gebauer, Berlin (DE), ICA Gallery, London (UK); Visual Art Museum, NYC (USA), Berlinische Galerie, Berlin (DE); Greusslich Contemporary, Berlin (DE), ARTissima 8 Art Int. Fair, Torino (IT); Museum gallery J. Fragnera, Prague (CZ), KW, Berlin (DE); Martin Gropius bau, Berlin (DE), Galerie Gebauer, Berlin (DE) and many others.
Marisa Maza is the recipient of numerous international grants and prizes. Her works are present in many collections worldwide.

Angelika Middendorf


Title: SONAR[SPACE], 2005-7, 7:00 min., color, sound, DV.

NO-BODY is navigating through streams of data and information generated by observations of reality. This seven minute odyssey shifts high-tech methods of observation and decoding into an ideograph for the Big Eyes and Big Ears. In a desert landscape devoid of humans, radio-telescope stations concentrate on new receiving spots in space, while sonar-technologies transmit auditory signatures from above- and underwater worlds. NO-BODY travels bodiless between alternate levels of perception and exchanges identities with each re-entry: between human and high-technology; between reality and fiction.
NO-BODY is: artist, author, anthropologist, technologist, astronaut, aeronaut, aquanaut, software programmer, super-computer, dreamer, realist, physicist, astronomer, oceanologist, observer, (…).

Angelika Middendorf is a visual artist based in Berlin and TRansnational. Her research-based work Timebased: Artistic Anthropology explores human perception, concepts of reality, and identity. In each of her projects she generates a close-up linked to the invisible (matrix of existence), respectively to notions of time and energy (resonance-fields).
She holds the academic degrees Meisterschülerin/MFA from the University of the Arts Berlin (1996) and the Postgrad. Diploma in Media Arts from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (2000). Awards and grants include P.S.1/MoMA (USA)– International Studio Program New York (USA, 2000-2001); TAV – International A.I.R-Program (2008), Taipei/Taiwan, German Award of Fine Arts/Artistic Photography, DG Bank (DE, 1996); Grand Prize, Osaka Triennale (JPN,1991), and 15th Bremen Video Art Award (DE) was awarded to her sensorial installation SONAR[SPACE].

Ioanna Myrka


Title: # 713, 2014, 2:00., color, sound, HD video.

The work reports from a box four square meters wide, with common requirements for all parts of the world. The here and everywhere. A beehive boxes with the same smell and taste. In room # 713 lost differences and becomes a part of the common property.

Ioanna Myrka was born and lives in Athens. She is an artist who has worked with various art forms, each time using the medium that serves her idea. She has created many video-based works with social and personal character as well as computer interactive works. She has attended seminars on the japanese dance butoh with Japanese tutors, she has directed performances and has paricipated in other artists’ performances. Her works are in the collection of Dakis Ioannou and in other private collections. She holds a Masters degree in Digital Arts and a BA in Sculpture (under G. Lappas) from the Athens School of Fine Arts. She has also studied Graphic design at the Vakalo College and fashion design at the Veloudaki College in Greece. She has been awarded prizes and has exhibited in solo and group shows in Greece, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Serbia and USA (New York).

Christian Niccoli


Title: Untitled, 2009, 3:00 min., color, sound, HD video.

Using slow-motion, the video shows a young man’s fall. The exact starting point and the exact end of the fall are not clear.
The falling is couched in a lack of context which on one hand suggests absolute freedom and boundlessness but on the other hand instability and forlornness.
This absence of connections, which can substitute for a reinforced form of social autonomy, also becomes an expression of nihilism.
In this respect, the fact that the work purposely has no title creates a conflicting sort of freedom with which Christian Niccoli has endowed his video made with a highspeed camera. [Text: Martina Oberprantacher]

Born 1976 in Südtirol, Italy. He lives and works in Berlin. Niccoli studied painting at the academies of arts in Florence, Milan and Vienna.
2006 he was an artist in residence at Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella (IT) and 2008-09 he participated in the International Studio Program at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin (DE).
His videos and video installations have been presented internationally, among others at Kunsthaus Graz (AT), Phönix Art – Sammlung Harald Falckenberg in Hamburg (DE), Galerie im Taxispalais in Innsbruck (AT), Berlinische Galerie and Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin (DE), at the 8th Baltic Biennial of Contemporary Art in Stettin (PL), La Châtaigneraie – Centre wallon d’art contemporain in Flémalle (BE), Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art in Yerevan (AM) and im Museion – Museum für Moderne und Zeitgenössische Kunst in Bolzano (IT).
His work is in several collections, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Szczecin (PL), Artist Pension Trust in Berlin (DE), Collezione Terna in Rome (IT) and Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum in Innsbruck (AT).

Nikos Podias


Title: Roots, 2014, 2:19 min., sound, color, HD video.

It’s possible that each of us hides somewhere inside a “small” Ulysses who yearns for further knowledge, a need to change and a desire to wander in another world not necessarily imaginary. Even though many times we chart a different course on the map without caring about the distance between the starting point and the end, we carry along in our “luggage” everything that is rooted deep inside, since without it, a new beginning would not be possible.

Born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1974. He graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts in 1999, where he studied painting and scenography. In 2001 as a fellow of the Onasis Foundation he completed his postgraduate studies at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and Hochschule fuer Gestaltung und Kunst in Zurich. His works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions. Lives and works in Volos, Greece.

Artemis Potamianou


Title: Art Scene – Art Seen, 2006-7, 6:34 min., color, sound, DV PAL.

Art Scene – Art Seen consists of two videos. The first one is a collage- collection of scenes where famous artists talk about their work and the second one a collection of movie scenes that show the life of well- known artists in time of creation. It is a sarcastic comment on how the films of Hollywood present in a non-realistic and beautified way how the artistic object is created by the artists and how they choose to promote themselves.

Artemis Potamianou is an artist and curator who is currently based in Athens. Potamianou has had 17 solo exhibitions and she has participated in 67 group shows as at the 1st Biennial of Thessaloniki (GR), the BIDA – Biennial of Spain (E), 3rd Athens Biennial (GR); Vista Mare Foundation Pescara (IT); International Young Art 2002, The Benaki Museum, Athens (GR); Open 15 – International Exhibition,Venice (IT); Tensta Kulturhus, Stockholm (SWE), among others. She has curated more than 40 exhibitions of important artists of international scenelike shows of Joseph Kosuth, Damien Hirst ,Joseph Beuys, Terry Atkinson, Peter Greenaway, Candice Brietz, Guerrilla Girls. Potamianou is the curator of Art Athina Contemporaries (part of Art Athina, International Contemporary Art Fair (GR) since 2012 and Director of Plattform Project at Art Athina 2013 – 2014 (GR).

Sebastian Purfürst


Title: Five Externalized Memories of a Day in my Life, 2014, 4:18 min., color, sound, HD video.

The work is based on a cinematic experiment with a stereoscopic camera developed by the German Aerospace Centre. Unlike traditional optical media, this camera, by using an algorithm, produces a 3D dataset of the shot sequence. The cinematic 3D dataset can be viewed from different angles. The filmer’s perspective is thus not necessarily the viewer’s perspective anymore. The filmed moment is enhanced / is becoming a digital remembrance space, on the borders of which the digital algorithms become perceptible.

Sebastian Purfürst (*1976) is a Berlin-based filmmaker and musician. He works in commercial, artistic and academic settings for time-based media. He is particularly focused on the intersection between audio and visual perception, and takes great pride in engineering a strong connection between the two: “We never see the same thing when we also hear; we don’t hear the same thing when we see as well.” (Michel Chion)

Ioannis Savvidis / Lina Theodorou


Title: Silver Patrol, 2014, 4:25 min., sound, color, HD video.

Silver Patrol is a video work which appropriates the aesthetics of war-zone television reportage. A UN Soldier is filmed on his New Year’s Eve patrol ride through the streets of Berlin. The impressive amount of celebratory ordinance deployed throughout the city calls into question the distinction between civic space and battle zone; history and spectacle.

Ioannis Savvidis was born in Germany and completed his studies in visual art at the Hochschule der Kunste Berlin. With a focus on architectural narrations and alternative apprehensions of urban planning his visual practice utilizes drawing, video and site-specific installation. Savvidis’ work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, project spaces and festivals in Berlin (D), Athens (GR), Thessaloniki (GR), Warsaw (PL), Catania (IT), Istanbul (TR), and Belgrade (SRB) to name a few. He is a collaborator and member of Rufus Corporation (USA), and the LoAndBehold Artists’ Group (GR).

Lina Theodorou is a video and installation artist living and working in Berlin and Athens. She studied at the School of Graphic Arts and Creative Studies, Athens; at the School of Fine Arts of Athens (Sculpture); and at the School of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Multimedia in The Hague. She has participated in shows at Bozar, Center for Fine Arts, Brussels (BE); National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (GR); European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck (D); Deste Foundation, Athens (GR); Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Johanneum, Graz (AT); Museum Fridericianum, Kassel (D); Macedonian Museum Of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (GR); 8th Istanbul Biennial (TR); 6th ev+a Limerick Biennial (IRL), 53rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (D); 11th International Architecture Biennial, Venice (IT); Impakt Festival, Utrecht (NL); State Museum Of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (GR); Benaki Museum, Athens (GR); and the Alexander S. Onassis Foundation Cultural Center, Athens (GR).

Pola Sieverding


Title: Nocturne Arabesque, 2009, 3:45 min, color, sound, DV PAL.

A portrait of the multiple images of manhood. Hide and seek in a night-time labyrinth of bodies, faces, tangents, textiles, lights and obscurities. The footage is at once documentary and oneiric, hypnotic resonance and magical happening reflected in the idea of beauty. A study on the intimacy of dance and ecstasy, slowed down to contemplate.

Pola Sieverding lives and works in Berlin. Her works are circling around questions of representation and image production within cultural formations that are defined by various concepts of desire and identification processes. The idea of portraiture in terms of an interpretive reading of the inscriptions of culture in the human body is a recurring moment in her work. She studied at Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Surikov Institute Moscow and attained her MFA at the University of the Arts Berlin in 2007. She has exhibited internationally at Aram Art Gallery, Seoul (KOR); Tate Modern, London (UK); Art in General, New York (USA); Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin (D); Lumiar Cité, Lisbon (POR); Neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst, Berlin (DE); Anat Ebgi Gallery, Los Angeles (USA); Lena Brüning Galerie, Berlin (DE), et al. She has been invited as an Artist in Residence to Ramallah (PAL), Prague (CZ) and Lisbon (PT) and as a visiting lecturer to the International Academy of Art Palestine.

Tobias Sjöberg


Title: Revolutioner, 2010, 5:00 min., color, sound, HD video.

Revolutioner is a non-narrative film trilogy. The work can be seen as a reality which
is at once allegorical and a dystopic replica of an everyday divested of a sense of
urgency, the film presents the dissolution of dramatic and structural conventions
according to precepts in popular culture, film and theatre. In three accounts,
evocative of a tv-commercial, reality-tv series or melodrama Revolutions reveals a
world of uncertainties; prosaic scenarios inhabited by crude and inarticulate actors
self-consciously acting in front of the camera. The slow and the uneventful recounts
render an idealised and predetermined ready-made world and without language’s
propensity for assurance we are left alone to piece together a narrative based on our
own expectations, ideological assumptions and modes of identification. (Nathalie Åhbeck)

Tobias Sjöberg *1979. Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.
Sjoberg studied at Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki and Goldsmiths College,
London. Sjöbergs recent exhibitions include Freikörperkultur at Galleri Box, Gothenburg (SWE); The nude collection at Grimmuseum, Berlin (DE); How to attain knowledge of the higher worlds? at Sinne, Helsinki (FIN); Larger than life at Konstnärshuset, Stockholm (SWE), Pool at 1646, The Hague,(NL); Revolutioner Färgfabriken Norr Östersund, (SWE).

Nelja Stump


Title: Kazakhstan, 2014, 4:20 min, color, sound, HD video.


Nelja Stump born in Kazakhstan, lives and works since 1986 in Berlin,
1989 – 1992 she studied stage and costume design with Andrje Woron. After some theatre projects she worked on production design within the area of feature films and advertisement
1992-2000 she organised classes at the UdK, Berlin, Genderstudy projects with
Sabeth Buchmann, Katja Dieffenbach und Jutta Köther.
In 2000 she completed her MFA in photography at Universität der Künste, Berlin, under Prof. Katharina Sieverding.
Since 2000 she has written and directed music videos and short films.
In 2003 she founded the project space Tristesse Deluxe in Berlin where she curates and experiments with all interfaces of arts. Nelja Stump continues to work as mixed-media artist, curator and VJ.

Vassiliea Stylianidou


Title: I am a 19th century factory chimney stack, 2014, 7:51min, colour, sound, HD video.

I am a 19th century factory chimney stack is the first part of the work-in-progress video series
The “Devil Leaves_Let´s start with the letter S”, shhh. In this video Vassiliea
Stylianidou explores the interrelation between city, body, politics and labor time. The work is
based on a poetic text written by the artist – language pierces and subverts everyday use in
an attempt to suggest new paradigms for knowledge and experience. The work also explores the interconnections between language, the voice, body, and the image as rhythm and materiality.

Vassiliea Stylianidou was born in 1967 in Thessaloniki, (GR). She lives and works in Berlin and Athens. She studied literature and linguistics at the University of Ioannina (GR) and Visual Arts (M.F.A.) at the University of the Arts Berlin (UdK Berlin).
She received the NaFöG-postgraduate and DAAD (NYC) scholarships. She participated in the Goldrausch Artists programme Berlin (1999-2000). Her work has been exhibited at NGBK, Berlin (DE); Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin (DE); quartier21/MuseumsQuartier, Vienna (AT); Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (DE); Fotohof, Salzburg (AT); VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne (CAN); C.R.A.C, Sète (FR); Kunsthalle ATHENA, Athens (GR); Onassis Cultural Center, Athens (GR); Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (GR); KW, Berlin (GR); The National Museum for Contemporary Art, Athens (GR); State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (GR); Art in General, NYC (USA). She has also participated in the Prague Biennale (CZ) and in the parallel programme of the Athens and Thessaloniki Biennials (GR).

Lena Szankay / Eva Shin


Title: Apofenia, 2013, 2:46 min., color, sound, HD video.


Lena Szankay was born in 1965 in Buenos Aires. She studied Literatur and Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires. She lived in Berlin from 1989 -2008 where she studied photography at Lette Verein Berlin. Actually lives in Buenos Aires where she works as Professor of Photography at the National University of Lanús. Lena wons the Adquisition Prize II Bienal de Fotografía Arte x Arte in 2010, the Grant for groups projects. Fondo Nacional de las Artes in the same year and got the publication from her Book Mímesis with FELIFA Awards. 2009 Adquisition Prize AGAA (Argentine Association of Arts Galleries). She was shortlisted at Premios Petrobrás. Edition VII, 2012 Premio AMEC of Contemporary Photography, MuseoCaraffa, Córdoba and 2011 Premios Petrobrás. Edition V.

Eva Shin is a Buenos Aires based artist. She studied at the National School of Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredon (IUNA). In 2002 she participate at the Teatro Colon Workshop (stage setting), of the Escuela Saulo Benavente. Many other workshops e.g. with Tulio de Sagastizabal, Escuelas Davinci, Diana Aisenbergand Marcos Lopez followed.
Her last exhibitions have been Live drawing intervention, Performaton, Modern Art Museum of Buenos Aires (ARG); Apofenia a video collaboration with Lena Szankay, Invisible, Buenos Aires Foto 2013 (ARG); AMHO live audio visual performance, Salon Pueyrredon, Buenos Aries (ARG); Audio visual performance, Ekoparty Security Conference, Centro Cultural Konex, Buenos Aires (ARG); Installation Ecodang for TMDG 12,, Mar del Plata (ARG); AMHO with Lux Lindner, La Cigalle, Buenos Aires (ARG); AMHO, Munguau project, Feria del libro, Buenos Aires (ARG)Eva Shins current project AMHO is an audiovisual project merging music, video, mapping and performance.

Chryssa Tsampazi


Title: On a runway, 2010, 4:34 min., color, HD Video.

Tsampazi invited twelve participants to stand in a field in a horizontal line. Each holds a small mirror, reflecting the sunlight into the camera—creating a sense of code. The twelve walk towards the camera when the sun goes behind the clouds. The line breaks apart. The action took place in Northerly Island Park in Chicago, a place which was a single strip airport that operated from December 1948 until March 2003.

The last five years Chryssa Tsampazi has been engaged in an art practice that uses performance, video and installation. Her work creates situations that expose the contradictions of particular economic, social and political dynamics of a location, often in relationship to identity, gender and class. To this aim, she has tapped conventions of conceptual art practice and theater, where directing takes the form of a set of instructions.Tsampazi studied Theater at Drama School of Athens (GR) before receiving an MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (USA). Her work has been shown at Sullivan Galleries, Chicago (USA); Betty Rymer Gallery, Chicago (USA); Chicago Cultural Center (USA); Fallout Gallery, Minneapolis (USA); Thessaloniki Biennial(GR); Art-Athina Art Fair, Athens (GR); Bios Centre Athens,(GR); Sophiensaele, Berlin (DE), IV. Moscow Biennial (RU). She is the co-founder of the performance group ShiftyTongue together with the visual artist Vassiliea Stylianidou. In 2008 Tsampazi received the Tom Jaremba Fellowship from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Thomas Völker


Title: Walking the Line, 2010, 4:17 min, color, sound, HD video.

Walking the Line was filmed at the deserted Olympic Village in Berlin and was shown as part of a theatrical performance called Again The Room Was Plunged Into Silence. The event took place at the Pit Theatre (Barbican Centre London) as part of the The Surreal House’ exhibition on 10 June 2010. More information can be found at the Barbican Centre`s website.

Thomas Völker is an artist and independent filmmaker who has lived and worked in Germany (Hamburg/Berlin), Spain (Andalucía) and London. Coming from an eclectic professional and artistic background his work ranges from painting, performance and installation to moving images and sound. Much of Völker`s work is concerned with the phenomenon of voyeurism, human curiosity – often in its morbid manifestation – and issues of transgression beyond visible or physical boundaries. After several years of working as a musician (drummer/percussionist) with various chamber ensembles and experimental rock bands such as Hamburg-based groups “PHON” and “Passierzettel” – a collective of musicians and artists who collaborated with members of Faust, Amon Düül and Damo Suzuki of Can – Völker became interested in digital media and the Internet. As a result he branched out into another discipline, starting out as a web designer, but was gradually drawn towards analogue media and traditional artistic disciplines such as painting and drawing. These have progressively have become an important part of his work. In recent years Völker has developed a strong interest in film, video and their relationship to sound. During his time in London, Völker organized and curated the Viewing / Listening Space together with filmmaker Akhila Krishnan – a regular event that is dedicated to showcasing the work of experimental filmmakers and sound artists, which has become a permanent forum – a time and place for discussion and analysis. Thomas Völker studied at the Royal College of Art in London. He now lives and works in Berlin.

Eva Vuillemin


Title: Look both Ways, 2013, 10:33 min., color, sound, HD video.

About her work
Eva Vuillemin is preoccupied with the game between the private and public sphere, proximity and distance. The ambivalence between being exposed and hidden is especially important for her. It is about the act of watching and beeing watched.
A common thread, which binds her work, is its performative and pictoral character, involving a process. She is interested in expressive possibilities of the performative body in order to implement states and ideas. This is particulary prominent in Eva’s video work. Authenticaly and immediacy are important. She works heavily with repetition and employ the resulting states of altered perception and conciousness, at times of the edge of ecstasy. She cuts a gestural movement out of context and put it in the space…

Eva Vuillemin * in Zurich 1987, lives and works in Berlin.
She studied at the Universitaet der Kuenste, Berlin and Hunter College, New York.
Eva Vuillemin has shown her work in various shows e.g. Museum fuer Fotografie, Berlin (DE); Frappant, Hamburg (DE); KunstBuero, Berlin (DE); Substitut, Berin (DE); Kunstverein Weiden (DE), Kantonsschule Stadelhofen, Zurich (SUI); Message Salon Zurich (SUI); Projektraum Bethanien, Berlin (DE); eca Scotland, Edinborough( UK) and 4D Berlin (D)
She got awarded at sasif and where invited for an artists residency at a.i.r., Substitut, Berlin (DE).

Lisa Wassmann


Title: Somewhere else, 2014, 3:39 min., color, sound, HD video.

“I grew up in West Berlin, in a divided city. The American culture was always present here, through Allied Forces, their festivals, through their clothing, comics and movies. I have always been fascinated by that other country, wanting to know whether it really is like in the movies. Some images stuck, such as the image of the tarred and sprung greenhorns from a Lucky Luck Cartoon, the pulsating glowing, grotesque, criminal Las Vegas casino or the tornado that swept up the house in the Wizard of Oz. ” For the last six years alone Wassmann has been traveling in several intervals, always to different places in the United States to capture and reanimate just such memories. To create images with reference and their own new take on American stereotypes.
Somewhere Else is a first selection of these images presented to the public. Its a series of staged self-portraits, landscapes and images of people she has met during her American odysseys.

Lisa Wassmann was born in Berlin. The daughter of a ballet dancer and a sound engineer she grew up in a streaky, creative theater environment. She studied Communication Design at the Berlin Technical Art School. Her works became public documenting the Berlin nightlife and working independently with selected people, usually staged in nature. Wassmann has constantly evolved and now belongs to a young new art photographers scene that has emerged in Germany. Her images are documentative but also mystical and thus let the viewer much room for interpretation. Wassmann’s work has been published by magazines such as Dazed & Confused, Vice, Interview Magazine, Sleek amongst many others. Contributing a distinct visual language, her nightlife activities resulted in frequent collaborations with musicians such as Ellen Allien, Dillon, Portishead, Moderat as well as for their label BPitch Control.

Jeff Wood


Title: ARCHIO, 2014, 7:31 min., color, sound, HD video.

ARCHIO is a pilgrimage to the monastic peninsula of Mt. Athos, Greece. The primeval, Arcadian landscape is both a complement and contrast to the arcane, medieval clockworks of Orthodox monasticism. A science-fiction mythology leads us beyond the common understanding of monotheistic teleology and the nature of the Logos – or “word of God” – into deep space and the meaning of technological evolution. An original score, Yawning of the River by composer and naturalist Stephen Wood is interwoven with field recordings of Athos monks and a liturgical narration reminiscent of the monks’ scriptural incantations.

Jeff Wood is an actor, writer and video-maker based in Brooklyn/NYC and Berlin. He is a founding member of the experimental film/art group Rufus Corporation and the Wallabout Oyster Theatre Brooklyn. Jeff has performed theatrical works by Sam Shepard, Cormac McCarthy, Bertolt Brecht, and Eugene O’Neill.
He has collaborated internationally with video-artists Eve Sussman (US), Julian Rosefeldt (DE), Nuno Cera (PT), and Ioannis Savvidis (GR).
His 10-year collaboration with Eve Sussman and Rufus Corporation has resulted in the works 89 Seconds at Alcazar; The Rape of the Sabine Women; whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir; Car Wash Incident; and numerous screenings worldwide.
Dance-theatre collaborations include Edgar (2008), Natural Habitat (2011), and Cleavage (2012). Video-works include Frontier (2013), Collapsible City: A Web Series (2013), Dustbowl Burnpile (2013), and ARCHIO (2014).
Jeff has traveled through remote and wilderness regions of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Kazakhstan and Tibet. His essay/travelogue Monuments of Fire was recently published by Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal (CAN). He is a 2014 Screenwriting Fellow for the New York Foundation of the Arts (USA).

(All the rights of the texts and the images belong to the Artists.)



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